7 of the most beautiful places to see in Tunisia

Joanna Horanin

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Located in North Africa, Tunisia is a rich tourist destination country with a massive history of ancient years. The Romans and Arabs lived and traversed the whole of Tunisia, leaving behind ancient ruins which serve as excellent tourist attraction sites. Most people consider Tunisia a beach country considering its vast beach bordering the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara Desert, which cuts across the south of Tunisia.   

US citizens considering going to Tunisia have the option of not acquiring the Tunisian visa if they are planning to stay for a maximum period of 90 days. However, if you are going on a business trip, are planning to stay past 90 days, or plan to visit the country severally, you must acquire a Tunisia visa for US citizens to facilitate the entry into the country. The current process of obtaining a Tunisian passport is manual. However, the process is expected to go online from the US side later in the year.

Most Beautiful Places to See in Tunisia

There are numerous beautiful sites to explore in Tunisia, making it attractive to visit and unwind. There are numerous tourist attraction sites in Tunisia, and the top of the list includes the following.

Grand Erg Oriental dunes

It is located at the corner of the Sahara Desert, which occupies most of Tunisia’s interior. The scenic dunes, surreal to behold, form from the strong winds that shift the desert sands. 

The closest desert town is Douz, where you can camp and plan your desert tours. Grand Erg Oriental dunes provide the perfect spot for 4WD excursions, hiking, and Carmel treks. Also, you can catch the sunset from the top of one of the mammoth dunes.

Roman ruins of Bulla Regia

It is a beautiful and eye-catching sight of a villa that the Roman-built underground to adapt to the scorching summer climate. You can find this Roman ruin close to Tabarka.  

Bulla Regia provides you with a preview of the ancient world’s residential life that is rare to find. It is a perfect spot for history lovers, and it has remained intact and depicts Romans’ actual houses.

Island of Djerba

Djerba is an island that provides an impeccable beach escape, and the island offers two center spots to experience all that you want. For starters, the island’s town, Houmt Souk, has shopping centers where you can pick something to make the country’s visit memorable. 

Another must-see is the seashore’s sandy strips, which provide the most relaxing get-away. You can chill here and daydream as you enjoy the cooling breeze emanating from the sea.


Once a great city but now condensed to ruins, Carthage will forever be remembered in the Punic Wars. The distinctive rubble of the oceangoing Phoenicians sits at the seashores of the Mediterranean and is extensively spread along the shoreline. UNESCO has listed Carthage as a world-heritage site noting its historical importance.  

The clifftop village of Sidi Bou Said

Sidi Bou Said clifftop village is a beautiful and a sight to behold with petite dimensions. Artists have recognized it and now dominate Tunis’ high-class suburb for years. 

Its white and blue colors rhyme perfectly with the Mediterranean Sea. The place is good to visit, especially if you are experiencing a laid-back afternoon, where you can shop for unique items from the numerous local craft stalls.

Amphitheatre of El Djem

The walls are gigantic and well-kept. The beauty of these Roman remnants is unmatched, and many people throng the place to feel Roman’s ancient times. It’s best seen during the day, and it serves as a reminder of Rome’s tight rule that trans-versed North Africa.   

You must have watched movies depicting the roman empire where there were gladiators and kings witnessing battles. You can have a feel of those once you are inside the amphitheatre.


It is one of the Romans’ ancient sites with great importance. Dougga stands tall and is in perfect shape since the Romans deserted Tunisia. Although located in the rural area of Tunisia, away from the major routes, you can easily reach the site during the daytime if you are coming from Tunisia’s capital, Tunis and Tabarka.

Dougga is situated on a hill and was once a thriving town of activities. It was first occupied in the 6th century, and it contains the grandest antique remnants that have been well-maintained.

Tunisia is the best tourist destination, especially if you like history and want to experience the Great Roman empire’s account. The sites I have mentioned are but a few. Tunisia’s tourist attraction sites are massive, and you can add Hammamet, Chott El Djerid, Sousse Medina, and Kairouan to the list.