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My review of Cigna Global’s medical insurance for expats

Joanna Horanin

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Do you live abroad, or are you going to be living outside of your home country? Cigna Global might be a good medical insurance for you and your family. Check what it offers and choose the best policy.

I have waited a while with writing about Cigna. The truth is that it’s been two years and only now I am ready to write about it. I’ve been using Cigna for a while and I’m now sure that I can recommend it to you. I had to use the policy to check if I’m happy with it before it appeared officially on the blog. Today I’m going to tell you what Cigna offers and why it is worth using it.

This post is for you if you live abroad or you’re planning to move from your country and are looking for a medical insurance that will cover the cost of medical checks and care not only in emergencies.

Why I chose Cigna

I used Cigna when I lived in Thailand. I chose it after I had been diagnosed with skin cancer. I had to cover the tests and treatment myself.

This experience taught me that a medical insurance is worth having. I spent days looking for something that would be suitable for me. The price was important but I also looked at other reviews.

I decided to go with Cigna and chose only the inpatient option – a policy which covered only the cost of treatment if I had to stay in a hospital for a while. I thought I would cover the rest myself.

After I came back to Europe, I used SafetyWing (which I also recommend) and after moving to Portugal, I went with the European health card, which is provided to any citizen of a European Union country and gives you the chance of using free medical care in another EU country. Unfortunately, this card can’t be used all the time and is only valid for emergencies.

Not going into details, my situation was quite complicated and I couldn’t get the residency straight away. I knew I needed insurance. I didn’t want to worry that I wasn’t going to be able to see a doctor if I needed to.

Additionally, I hadn’t had my routine check up done for a long time. The time came to have them and I knew I was going to pay a lot of money for them if I wanted to go private.

I sat down and started researching.

I went back to Cigna.

I got convinced to go back to Cigna because it was a bit cheaper than the other companies. They also offered the Health&Wellbeing package, which gave me the chance to do routine check ups. I could do a mammogram and a smear test. It was a perfect solution for me.

So, I’ve been with Cigna for a few years now. Despite the fact that now I have my Utente Number (in Portugal and I can see a doctor for free, having this private insurance makes me feel a bit more secure.

My experience with Cigna

In the last couple of years I had quite a few situations when I had to use the insurance.

The first one was an eye infection, which I got suddenly. My eye got very itchy and red.

I called the Cigna helpline to check where I could go and what I should do. I was offered a free phone consultation with a doctor.

A doctor called me in the next half an hour. They asked about my symptoms and prescribed a cream. They sent me a prescription by email. I printed it out, went to a pharmacy and got my medication in no time. After 3 days the infection was gone.

In August 2021 I started having headaches. I really suffered. I couldn’t stand, lay, or sit. I called Cigna again and they advised me to go to a hospital.

I went to CUF – one of the best hospitals in Portugal. I was admitted very quickly, they did some tests but couldn’t find anything. I was sent home and told to rest.
I was in touch with the doctor who had referred me to the hospital during the whole time.

After a week the headaches were still there and I was told to go to the hospital again. This time, I was given a whole body scan and some extra tests. I was also referred to a neurologist. It turned out that my headaches were caused by my back and bad posture.

I was diagnosed quite quickly. If it hadn’t been for Cigna I would have had to wait for my tests for a long time. I really felt looked after and cared for.

I also had a chance to do my routine check up – a mammogram, a smear test and some blood tests.
Because of my policy I can do these tests once a year.

What does Cigna offer?

Cigna offers medical insurance for people living abroad. At the moment they have the following packages:

  • Silver – insurance for 1 mln USD
  • Gold – insurance for 2 mln USD
  • Platinum – insurance with no limit

These packages cover medical care in cases of emergencies, cancer, any prolonged stays in hospitals, dental care and evacuation from a country, in a case of a conflict.

Additionally, Cigna has Close Care Plan – a policy which is valid only for a country of your residency and your home country. It is an insurance which covers all of the above, but is a bit cheaper and has some larger spending limits.

Cost of a policy with Cigna Global

Everything depends on your age and which insurance you choose. The country where you reside also is important.

I am not able to say how much your Cigna insurance will be. Mine costs me around 2000 Euro per year. This includes:

  • Tests with specialist doctors
  • Visits at a GP clinic
  • Inpatient care
  • Cancer treatment
  • Preventive tests
  • Evacuation in a case of an emergency
  • Medical care in a case of an emergency

Buying a policy with Cigna Global

It’s a very easy process.

  • Go to the Cigna website
  • Choose your package and click on get a quote
  • Fill in the form
  • Wait for a consultant to call you.

Remember that the price of your insurance will increase or decrease depending on your out of pocket amount. The out of pocket sum is the amount of money that you will need to pay yourself for any treatment. The rest is paid by Cigna.

Why I recommend Cigna

Cigna is a very good insurance for people living abroad because:

  • You get access to your own account, where you can find the nearest doctor, specialist or a hospital
  • You can speak to a doctor on the phone
  • You have 24/7 consultants who will always advise you on what to do in a case of emergency
  • You can do any routine check ups once a year
  • They have very good customer service.

If you are moving abroad and looking for a good medical insurance for expats, then Cigna will be a very good choice.

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