Covid test in Lisbon: Where to get it and how much it is?



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Whether you live in Lisbon already, or are coming here for holiday, you will need a Covid test at some point. During the pandemic it is necessary to travel and, in some cases, to walk into a bar or a restaurant. Check where to get a Covid test in Lisbon and how much it will set you back.

I got Covid tests quite a few times in Lisbon. I had to travel abroad and I also needed it to be able to eat in a restaurant. Before I got vaccinated this is what I had to do. Now, the some restrictions have been lifted, but it is still necessary to get the test from time time.

In this post you’ll find advice on how to get a Covid test in Lisbon and how much it is.

Coronavirus in Portugal

Coronavirus in Portugal appeared at the beginning of 2020. The country went into lockdown soon after. Since then the government introduced safety measures that helped to decrease the impact of the virus.

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The country coped well and it is hoped that due to high numbers of vaccinated people, it will get better and better.

For latest numbers and statistics, head to NHS in Portugal’s website.

Before travelling here, check the requirements of entry.

When you might need a Covid test in Lisbon?

You might need a Covid test if:

  • You are travelling from a country on the red list.
  • You are travelling to a country that requires one of the tests.
  • You are working in a company/in a place that requires you to have it every once in a while.
  • Portugal has introduced new measures and in order to go to a bar or a restaurant you’ll need the test.
  • You don’t feel well and suspect you have Covid.

Covid test in Lisbon – Where to get it and how much it is?

Here are a number of places and ways where you can get a Covid test in Lisbon:


Local pharmacies in Lisbon perform quick ATK tests. It usually takes up to 30 minutes to get the result.
Pharmacies don’t do PCR tests.

How to get it?
You will need to call the local pharmacy to make an appointment. However, they are not good with answering the phone, or they might not speak English. In this case, it’s better to walk there. It’s good to remember that you might not be able to get the test on a walk-in basis. It will be necessary to go there, make the appointment and then come back later.

How much is it?
It’s usually around 15 Euros.

The Portuguese Red Cross – Vermelha Cruz

Vermelha Cruz offers 3 differnet tests. They also do the PCR tests.

How to get it?

Book your test online.

How much is it?

PCR test costs 60 Euros, ATK costs 20 Euros.

Local health centre

A local health centre can also perform some of the tests.

How to get it?

Find the nearest clinic and contact them by phone. You will find clinics here.

How much is it?

It depends on the clinic, but a PCR test is a around 60 Euros.

The airport

PCR test can be done at the airport before or after your departure. One of the labs is at the P1 Car Park. You can find more information here.

How to get it?

The tests are done on first-come first-served basis. It’s best to arrive way in advance. It is advised that for the PCR test you should arrive 4 hours before you departure.

How much is it?

There is no price given, but usually a PCR test is 60 Euros.

Walk-in clinics

There are some walk-in clinics where you can get a Covid test in Lisbon. You will see them in different points in the capital. However, I don’t know if they are there permanently.
If you need a test for your travels, it’s best not to go and look for one, but make an appointment with another place mentioned above.

How to get it?

You can walk-in and request a test.

How much is it?

I wasn’t able to find the price.

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