Colourful, vibrant, with amazing cuisine – that’s how Morocco is described by many travel portals. Its charm and lively atmosphere draws people from all over the world. Despite that, many areas haven’t lost their genuine, local vibe, which makes the country even more attractive and worth visiting.

I didn’t have enough time to see the whole Morocco. I visited three places, but I normally try to travel slow and take my time when I stay somewhere. In that way I’m sure that I can provide you with the best information possible. In the future I hope to go back to Morocco and see more of its cities and countryside.

My posts are here to help you to find the best information about the places I travel to. Below you will find comprehensive, essential guides to Marrakesh, Essaouira and a post on my trip to the Atlas Mountains. I hope they can help you with your preparations for the trip to Morocco.

The best places to see in Morocco

There are so many places to see in Morocco that you probably need a few weeks to see them all. I only had a few days and spent them sightseeing and doing some really interesting things.


Marrakesh is one of those cities that you either love or hate. It is very colorful, vibrant, lively, but it is also chaotic, dirty and can be at times annoying. If you’re going to the Red City for the first time, then it’s worth reading up on it. If you’re prepared, you know what to avoid, how to move around and what to wear, your first moments in the city will be much better. 

Marrakech is every traveler’s dream. If you give it a chance, it will mesmerise you with its scents, sounds, food, and colours. You will be amazed by it, I guarantee you. Just take it easy and allow yourself to get used to the hawkers, the traffic and the noise. Once you settle in, you will love Marrakech. Here’s what you need to know before you visit and your plan for a couple of days. 

Did I know that Moroccan cuisine is so good? No! I’m ashamed to admit that I really had no idea how good it was. Before traveling to Marrakech I had avoided Moroccan restaurants. I don’t know why. I was always more keen on Indian, Thai, or Chinese. When I finally had a chance to try my first dish in Marrakech I was in awe. Wow! That was amazing! Every day, during my stay in the Red City, I ate something new and I didn’t have enough of it. During that time I went to some nice places to dine.

Marrakech is one of the most popular destinations in the world. Every year it’s visited by thousands of people. It’s not really difficult to find accommodation in Marrakech, but it can be challenging when making a decision where to stay. In this post you will find some of the best places I found. 

Atlas Mountains

I had almost a full week in Marrakesh, so decided that I wanted to make a trip to Essaouira and also to the mountains. I really wanted to experience different places and wanted to spend some time in nature. However, I didn’t want to just buy an organized tour and be driven from one tourist point to another. My plan was to see some out of the beaten path destinations in Morocco. That’s why I contacted WithLocals, which is a company I’ve used before in Lisbon. They offer tours in Marrakesh (and all around the world) that are led by independent, freelance guides, who take you to the less known spots and show you the real side of their country, or city. I chose to go with Omar, an experienced tour guide, who seemed like a very pleasant and passionate person, who knew exactly what I needed and wanted to see. Christopher and I spent a whole day with him driving through the Atlas Mountains, admiring the views and listening to the facts and stories that Omar prepared for us. I must say, without any exaggeration, that it has been one of the best tours I’ve ever done.


I made a one day trip to Essaouira from Marrakech in December. It was a very warm, sunny day, but cool enough for a long walk along the beach and visiting the narrow alleyways of this charming port town. I found Essaouira exceptionally picturesque and a very nice break from dusty and noisy Marrakech. I spent a whole day there and while walking around I could easily imagine myself staying for a few days to chill out.