Only recently has Portugal become so popular among tourists. Even a few years ago this small country, located at the end of Europe didn’t attract so many visitors. But the news about good weather, friendly locals and affordable prices spread quickly and now Portugal is on top of every traveler’s list.

It’s also a great place to live. The costs of living are relatively low compared to other countries in the west of Europe. Finding a job might be a bit difficult, but if you have skills and really want to live here, with a little bit of luck you might be able to find employment.

And let’s not forget about digital nomads, who love spending the summer here. Portugal offers them a lot, much more than any other country in Europe. That’s why it’s the base for many of them.


Travel around Portugal! Find out what this country has to offer. Explore the south and the amazing coast of Algarve, sip some port wine in Porto and explore the beauty of Lisbon. Here you will find everything that you need to travel in Portugal!


Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in Europe and probably the prettiest. It is beloved by artists, tourists, culture nerds and expats from all over the world. Check out what to go, what to see, where to eat and where to stay. The Blond Travels brings you the best and the most practical information.

Check Lisbon out! 


Atmospheric, stunning city. It’s mostly known for its bridges, cobbled streets, and wine production. Every time I am here I am amazed by its architecture and unique atmosphere. It’s probably the most beautiful city in Portugal. Here’s some useful information on Porto.

One day in Porto – Suggestions for those in a hurry

Other areas

Portugal is a small country, but a very diverse one. There are beaches, mountains, amazing villages with a very local vibe. There is so much to explore and discover!

I have visited quite a few areas in Portugal. I try to get away from the cities and explore a little bit of the countryside and smaller towns. Here are a couple of destinations that I really liked.

Peniche – What to see and do and my impressions 


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