Planning the perfect educational trip

Joanna Horanin

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Educational travel can be a genuinely mind-expanding experience for children and adults of all ages. Whether you travel in a group, alone, with a spouse, or with the entire family, it’s fun to learn while traveling. For many older adults, some of their fondest childhood memories are of trips to famous museums, landmarks, historical sites, and important buildings and monuments.

What’s the wisest way to plan such an excursion? Start by checking your options based on what’s nearby and the age of the travel party. Next, make an effort to pay for the entire trip in advance to take advantage of airfare and hotel discounts. If you opt for historical tours, be sure to do a decent amount of research before departing. If arts and entertainment destinations are on your itinerary, book tickets far in advance for in-demand performances and shows. Here are a few suggestions for making the most of your special journey.

Explore Your Options

Do an hour or so of research to see what kinds of historical or other interesting places are near where you live. This way once you arrive you can be engaged, stay healthy and enjoy your trip as a result of your careful planning efforts. Consider the age of travelers. Children might enjoy places like old battlefields, science museums, or natural rock formations. During this phase of planning, try to make cost estimates based on hotel charges, meals in the local area, and other factors.

Pay in Advance

Even if you intend to drive to your target city, it’s smart to pay for tickets, hotels, passes, and other expenses as far ahead of time as possible. For air tickets, buying 90 days in advance can mean huge savings. After making a detailed budget for your educational journey, arrive at a precise total cost. In most cases, it makes good sense to apply for a personal loan to cover everything. Not only can you get all the best discounts, but you can gain access to excellent service, competitive interest rates, and reasonable terms. One of the best things about going on a trip is being able to relax and take in the scenery. When everything is paid for ahead of time, you can fully enjoy your getaway.


The beauty of taking a history-focused trip is that there are endless choices of destinations. Virtually every city and town has at least a few interesting historic sites, monuments, or old battlefields. Many of the best American cities for history buffs cater to vacationers of this kind and have tons of points of interest to see. If you’re headed to a large city, consider museums that specialize in historical exhibits. Civil War buffs have their pick of dozens of towns in the South where important encounters took place or where treaties were signed.

Arts and Entertainment

It’s important to remember that educational does not mean boring. If arts and entertainment are your thing, check out some of the important places in that genre, like the jazz areas in Kansas City, the theater district in New York City, or culturally important neighborhoods in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Geographic Landmarks

Science buffs often build entire vacations around geographic landmarks like natural rock formations, waterfalls, geysers, mountain ranges, famous cliffs, canyons, craters, volcanoes, hot springs, and more. Consult some of the top geography and natural science websites for ideas about where to go and what to see.