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Costs and benefits of Thailand Elite Visa



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Find out how much it costs to get Thailand Elite Visa and live in the Land of Smiles long-term.

This post has been created in association with Henley&Partners – the global leader in residency by investment.

What is Thailand Elite Visa?

Thailand Elite Visa is a special visa to Thailand, which allows you to stay in Thailand from 5 to 20 years.

Please read my previous post with detailed information about this visa.

How much is Thailand Elite Visa?

Thailand Elite Visa has a membership fee, which is payable at the beginning of the start of the visa.

There are different options, depending on your circumstances and how long you would like to stay in the country.

The cheapest option at the moment is 600,000 Thai Bhat for a 5-year visa.

Elite Easy Access

  • Valid for 5 years
  • Fee – 600,000 THB
  • No age restriction
  • Access to VIP services

Elite Family Excursion

  • Available for 2 people (min)
  • Valid for 5 years with no annual fee
  • Fee – 800,000 THB
  • Additional family member – 300,000 THB
  • Access to VIP services

Elite Privilage Access

  • Valid for 10 years
  • Fee – 1,000,000 THB
  • Additional family member – 800,000 THB
  • Access to VIP services

Elite Ultimate Privilage

  • Valid for 20 years
  • Fee – 2,000,000 with an annual fee of 20,000 THB
  • Access to VIP Services

And here is a table with all the available options.

What are special benefits of Thailand Elite Visa?

This visa gives you the right to stay in Thailand from 5 to 20 years, which is an amazing benefit in itself.

If you’re looking for some extra benefits, then Thailand Elite offers quite a few ones, which will make your stay in Thiland even better and more pleasant.

Here are the benefits:

  • Access to golf courses around the country
  • Access to massages and spa treatments. This is available with Thailand Elite Privilage, Thailand Family Premium and Elite Maxima Health. There is a limit for some of the packages. With Thailand Elite Privilage you can use 24 treatments per year.
  • Health check ups and dental check ups from 1 to 2 usages per year. Available in Thailand Elite Privilage, Elite Privilage Access and Elite Maxima Health.
  • VIP Services – airport pick up service, Elite Personal Assistant, who you can call with any questions about the visa, access to VIP lounges at Thai airports, Member contact centre and help with 90-day reporting. This is available with all of the visas.
  • Discounts for hotels, restaurants, duty free and at shopping malls. Available with all of the options.
  • Insurance – available only with Maxima Health.

How to apply?

You cannot apply for Thailand Elite Visa through an embassy. You have to use a third party.

I work closely with Henley&Partners and can help you with your application.

Message me and let’s get the process started.