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Thailand Elite Visa: Restrictions. What can stop you from applying?



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Are you thinking of applying for Thailand Elite Visa? Check what rules might stop you from getting your visa!

This post has been created in association with Henley&Partners – the global leader in residency by investment.

What is Thailand Elite Visa?

Thailand Elite Visa is a special kind of visa to Thailand. It gives you the right to stay in Thailand for 5-20 years.

Check detailed information about this visa here.

Who can apply for Thailand Elite Visa?

Almost anyone can apply for Thailand Elite Visa. Except for a few type of visas, there are no age restrictions.

Here you will find more about how can apply for Thailand Elite Visa.

How much does it cost?

Thailand Elite Visa costs from 600,000 THB to 2,000,000 THB. Detailed information about prices can be found here.

What are the restrictions for Thailand Elite Visa?

There are a couple of restrictions that might be a problem when applying. Please read them carefully.


You mustn’t have more than one overstay in Thailand. This applies also to circumstances when you overstayed 1-2 days. The immigration office is very strict about this.


If you have filed for bankruptcy, then you are not qualified to apply for a visa.

Criminal record

You must have a clean criminal record and you must be able to prove it. You can apply for a police clearance in your home country.

Signature on your documents

You will be asked to sign all of the documents you provide. Each page needs to have your signature. The signature must match the one that’s in your passport. Any difference will disqualify you from getting your Thailand Elite Visa.

How to apply?

Are you ready to apply? Wonderful! Check how you can do it here and then contact me. I work closely with Henley and Partners and help people out with their application.