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Hello to you from Thailand, [FIRST NAME GOES HERE]! I’ve been here for a week now and have finally recovered from illness and jet lag. I arrived in Bangkok with a terrible cold. I didn’t leave my hotel for the first couple of days and slept one day at the airport (our flight to Chiang Mai was delayed 5 hours).

It wasn’t until before the weekend that I felt better, and today I’m back in shape.

Chiang Mai is, as always, stunning. I don’t know what it is about this city that makes me feel so good here. Maybe it’s the weather, or maybe it’s just sentiment. Whatever it is, I can’t complain about a lack of energy and motivation to show you familiar and lesser-known places.

The weather and climate in the north of Thailand

[FIRST NAME GOES HERE], I honestly think that the north of the country is the best and I love visiting it. In the winter the weather here is perfect and pleasant. Even Thais from Bangkok come here to holiday.

That’s not all – because of its history, the region is different from the rest of the parts of Thailand. It has different culture, food and language.

The north is fascinating and will be great for nature and mountain lovers.

Problem? It gets smoggy in some of the months.

Find out more about it and plan your travels in the north. Read the latest post on the blog. 

News from Thailand


As of 2022, recreational marijuana smoking is legal. Like mushrooms after the rain, stores have started sprouting up on the street, selling the herb. Now, however, the new government is discussing changing this law. The new health minister wants to outlaw smoking and make marijuana available only for medical purposes.

Changing the law will bring quite a change to the economy. Current businesses, based on sales, will have to close, and as a result, facility owners will be left with empty spaces.

It is reckoned that by 2024 Thailand will have earned more than $1 million in sales. In addition, many tourists from Asia come here to try the herb, which is not available in their country.

We’ll see what the discussions bring.

The latest court punishment for offending the Royal Family

Insulting majesty is prohibited in Thailand. If you speak critically about the king and the royal family you can be sentenced/imprisoned for a long time.

This law is used in a variety of ways, including to fight the opposition and people who openly criticize the Thai government.

Recently, an activist was sentenced to 50 years in prison for distributing videos and photos that insulted the royal family.

My advice is this – it’s best never to say anything out loud about the king and the royal family. Simply put..Even if someone starts the topic, don’t bring it up. Also remember that even closed Facebook groups can be read by someone who will report you to the police. In addition, posts on such groups are not only the responsibility of the authors, but also of the group admins.

Recommended hotels in Ao Nang

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