Transportation Tips: Three ways to get to Vietnam from China

Joanna Horanin

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First, take a plane to Vietnam

Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other major Chinese cities have direct flights to Vietnamese cities every day, and among the many popular tourist cities in Vietnam, Phu Quoc Island, Ho Chi Minh, Dalat, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hanoi have airports, and travel is also very convenient. Unlike Chinese visa, Vietnam does issue visa on arrival.
You can book tickets on Ctrip, Fliggy and other large platforms, you can observe and compare prices when booking, and the APP can also set up low price monitoring, if there is a lower price, there will be a pop-up window reminder.
In addition to the difference in price, there is also a difference in checked baggage allowance:
low-cost airlines, such as Vietnam’s VietJet Air and Jetstar Airlines, may have cheaper ticket prices, but there is no free checked baggage allowance, which requires additional self-payment.

Purchase method:
(1) Buy on Taobao;
(2) Buy on the airline’s official website
(3) Buy at the counter corresponding to the airline in the airport Vietnam’s airports are relatively small, queue up for a long time when there are many people, remember to reserve enough time to arrive at the airport for check-in Oh ~ In the case of sufficient travel funds and limited time, it is recommended that you choose an aircraft.
One is to save travel time, and the other is that for people with average language skills, there are obvious and clear guidelines in the airport, and there is no need to communicate with locals in too many languages, and it is more convenient and smooth to enter and exit customs.

Take a train to Vietnam

Train frequency

Trains from China to Vietnam are called international trains, which refer to trains that run between different countries, and international trains to Vietnam mainly take the frequency from Nanning, Guangxi.
Outbound schedule
Nanning Station – Hanoi Jialin Station (T8701 times / MR2 times)

  • Departure time (Beijing time) 1820
  • Arrival time (Vietnam time) Arrival
    the next day 0535 * Duration 13 hours and 45 minutes
    Return schedule
    Hanoi Jialin Station — Nanning Station (T8702 times / MR1 time)
  • Departure time (Vietnam time) 21:20
  • Arrival time (Beijing time) The next day 10:07
  • Lasts 12 hours and 45 minutes
  • Soft sleeper fare is about 290 yuan
    (1) Vietnam time is 1 hour slower than China time, Vietnam time 10:00 = 11:00 Beijing time (2) The train duration includes 4 hours for the Chinese cities of Pingxiang and Dongdeng in Vietnam to undergo customs clearance inspections

Buy train tickets

China to Vietnam train tickets, temporarily do not have the open network booking function, can not be purchased in the 12306 and other official channels, there are currently three main ways to buy tickets:

(1) arrive at the Nanning Railway Station site, at the corresponding window to show passports and other valid documents to buy;

(2) Purchase through a travel agency;

(3) Find a purchasing agent to assist in purchasing.

Ticketing instructions

(1) Original ID card, passport and Vietnam visa are required when purchasing tickets;
(2) The station only sells soft sleeper seats, and there are no other seating options;
(3) Train tickets are generally sold 18 days in advance;
(4) Nanning to Hanoi international train ticket purchase window is generally Window 1, more specific ticket window please consult the on-site staff.

Take a bus to Vietnam

China’s Guangxi and Yunnan are connected to northern Vietnam and have a total of three major state-level land ports, of which the commonly used is the Guangxi Pingxiang Friendship Pass Port.

Guangxi Pingxiang (Pingxiang Friendship Customs Port)

Guangxi Nanning has a direct international coach to Hanoi, in Guangxi Pingxiang Friendship Pass to change the car, in the process of getting off the car for customs security, you need to provide a valid passport and Vietnam visa, after the friendship customs port is Vietnam’s Lang Son Province (Lang son), and then the Vietnamese bus driver will guide guests to the bus and drive to Hanoi, Vietnam.
Ticket reference price: about 200 yuan
Travel reference time: about 8 hours.

Guangxi Dongxing (Dongxing Port)

Guangxi Dongxing City is located in the southwest direction of Nanning City, about 3 hours by car. After passing through Dong Hing Pass, we arrived in Mong Cai Province in Vietnam. There are not many things to play in Mong Cai Province, most of which will go to Halong Bay or Hanoi to fly to other cities.
Ticket reference price: about 200 yuan, please refer to the on-site price Reference time: Guangxi Nanning – Guangxi Dongxing City about 3 hours, Vietnam Mong Cai – Hanoi, Vietnam about 5 hours.

Yunnan Hekou (Hekou Port)

The estuary port is located southwest of Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province, and after crossing the border at the estuary port in China, it is Vietnam’s Lao Cai province. Similar to Mong Cai Province in Vietnam, there are not many things to play, and most tourists who transit here will also choose to go to the nearest Hanoi to change transportation.
Ticket reference price: Kunming – Hekou about 200 yuan, Lao Cai – Hanoi about 200 yuan, please refer to the on-site price Reference time: Kunming – Hanoi about 5 hours, Lao Cai – Hanoi about 5 hours.

Bus station ticket purchase address

Nanning International Tourism Distribution Center

Ticket Route: Pingxiang, Guangxi — Tongdeng, Dongxing, Guangxi — Mong Cai, Vietnam Tel: 0771-2102445
Station Address: No. 10 Youai Road, Nanning, Guangxi (next to Nanning Railway Station)

Nanning Langdong Bus Station

Ticket Route: Guangxi Nanning – Hanoi, Guangxi Nanning – Vietnam Sabah, Guangxi Nanning – Vietnam Halong Bay
Tel: 0771-5508333
Station Address: No. 186 Minzu Avenue, Nanning City, Guangxi

Kunming East Bus Station

Ticket Route: Kunming, Yunnan – Hekou, Yunnan Tel: 0871-63833680
Station Address: Kunming, Yunnan Province, East Third Ring Road Hongqiao Interchange Renmin Road Extension Line