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Hi, I'm Joanna, the author of The Blond Travels. In the worlds of Thailand and Portugal, I feel like a fish in water - and it's no coincidence! I've been exploring Thailand for over a decade, and I've settled in Portugal for 6 years now. My mission is to support Dreamers - just like you - in discovering these fascinating countries and helping those in love with them find their own place on Earth, preferably for good! Let's uncover these unique corners of the world together.

Are you going to Sukothai from Bangkok? Here is how to get there in a simple and affordable way.

Sukothai is a very beautiful, small town located in the middle between Bangkok and Chiang Mai. It can be a nice stop when travelling the country.

Check how to get from Bangkok to Sukothai.

How to get from Bangkok to Sukothai – My reliable ways

The connections between the places are quite good. Below I’m giving you those that I find the best.

For those who love buses

From Mochit station in Bangkok you can take a bus straight to Sukothai. The trip takes 7 hours. There are different classes of the buses and the vehicles are in different states of use. However, you can always be sure that they will be comfortable, with space for legs and that your chair will recline. You will also get some food and drink, but this might not always be available, so buy some supplies before. There is also a toilet onboard.

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Departures: At Mochit station there are 2 companies, which go to Sukothai from 7 until 9pm every few hours. The exact schedule can be found on 12GoAsia.

Cost: Prices start from 500 Baht.
Where to find a ticket: You can always book it online at 12GoAsia.
What to remember about? The bus will probably stop in the new Sukothai, which is 30 km from the old part. If your hotel is there, you will need to take a taxi.

A train for adventure-lovers

From Bangkok you can catch a train to Sukothai. From December 2021 trains from Hualampong have been limited and, as far as I know, there is still a train going to Phitsanulok, a town located 50 km from Sukothai.
The train has 3 classes. In the first and second one there is a full air-con. Seats are quite comfortable, but the train is old, which makes the journey (in my opinion) very charming.
During the trip you will get drinks and food. Vegetarians should take some snacks.

Departures: The first train goes to Phitsanulok and leaves at 6 am. During the day there are a few of them. The last one leaves at 4:30pm.

Cost: 1800 Baht per person.
Where to find a ticket: You can buy your ticket at the station or book it online at 12GoAsia.
What to remember about? The train doesn’t go to Sukothai, but to Phitsanulok. From the station take a taxi or a tuk tuk (50 Baht) to the bus station. Then, catch a bus or a mini van to Sukothai – 300 Baht. Buses from Phitsanulok leave every hour. The trip takes 2 hours. The bus stops in the new town and then in the old town. It’s worth tracking your route using Google Maps. If your hotel is somewhere between these two parts, you can ask the driver to stop wherever is convenient for you.

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A flight for those that don’t have time

If you are in a rush and don’t feel like you want to spend hours in a bus or a train, take a flight.
From Suvarnabhumi there are flights to Phitsanulok 3 times per day for around 2000 Baht. The flight takes an hour.
Nok Air and Air Asia are the cheapest options.

A taxi for travellers who like comfort

Yes, you can take a taxi from Bangkok to Sukothai. The price is not very high and it costs around 40 Euros.

Where to book your taxi: Try 12GoAsia, which is a really great site to use when travelling in Thailand.
What to remember about?: The trip might take around 4-5 hours, so quite long. When getting in, check first if there are seatbelts in the car and if your driver seems coherent and reliable. If you think that the driver goes too fast, don’t hesitate to tell him/her that.

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