Uber in Bangkok: A great alternative to normal taxis



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Transport in Bangkok is quite developed. There are many options to help you to move around. You can use the public transport and catch the metro, or Skytrain. However, sometimes the heat and overcrowding might be a bit too much for you and you’ll feel that you want to take a taxi. Uber is perfect for such situations.

Uber in Bangkok works really well. Despite protests from the taxi drivers, this company is developing fast. If you want to use a cheaper and safer transport option in Bangkok, then download the Uber app on your phone. Below you will find more information.

Uber in Bangkok

Uber is a new addition to transport in Thailand. It only works in Chiang Mai and Bangkok for now, but has a lot of faithful users already. Its opponents consist of taxi drivers, who lost a lot of customers because of it. Tourists, who not so long ago used taxis and had to haggle with the drivers, now prefer to use Uber and not to worry about scams.

Uber in Bangkok – advantages and disadvantages

A big advantage of Uber in Bangkok is the possibility of ordering the car wherever you want. The price is fixed and you don’t need to argue about it with the driver.

A huge disadvantage of Uber in Bangkok are the drivers, who are not familiar with the city and often get lost. They can take you to the more famous spots, but they have trouble with finding less known locations. They don’t speak English very well and explaining where you want to go might take you a while.

Uber in Bangkok – how does it work?

Uber in Bangkok works exactly in the same way as in other cities. First, you need to download the application on your phone and register. You will need to bank card for that.

Once you register, you can use Uber straight away. To order a car, open the application, check your location on the map and put the address for your destination. The application will choose a driver for you and will show you the price for the ride. It’s a very simple tool, which is easy to use.

You can download the application from the link below. If you do it here, you will receive $5 for your first tirp.

I used Uber in Krakow and I’m a great fan of the company. In Thailand, I was never disappointed by it either. Uber in Bangkok works well and it’s a great option for tourists and expats.