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Hi, I'm Joanna, the author of The Blond Travels. In the worlds of Thailand and Portugal, I feel like a fish in water - and it's no coincidence! I've been exploring Thailand for over a decade, and I've settled in Portugal for 6 years now. My mission is to support Dreamers - just like you - in discovering these fascinating countries and helping those in love with them find their own place on Earth, preferably for good! Let's uncover these unique corners of the world together.

I usually travel to Chiang Mai during the cool season, when the temperatures are low enough to actually be outside. However, very often it is still hot in the afternoon. So, on the weekends I look for a place, where I can get some shade and rest in the nature. Recently, I’ve gone to Dantewada Land of Angels Waterfall Park – the newest addition to many attractions around Chiang Mai.

Chris and I decided to go to Dantewada on our way to the mountains. The day was sunny and it seemed that in the afternoon it’s going to be more than 30 degrees, so it was the perfect day to jump on the scooter and ride outside the city.
We got up in the morning, packed our bags and were off in no time.

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    Dantewada turned out to be a bit different from what we expected, but I think that it’s a good place for a cool afternoon, especially if you have kids. They will have the best time playing in the water, running around the gardens and feeding the little goats in the Dantewada Land of Angels.

    A little bit about Dantewada Waterfall Park

    A man walking though mist in Dentewada Land of Angels Waterfall Park.
    The park is a nice place for a walk.

    When you see Dantewada Waterfall Park on Instagram, you might think that it’s a big waterfall with some fields around it. This is what I thought. Before we went there I hadn’t done that much research, so I didn’t know that it was a theme park, which consists of waterfalls, caves, pathways, colourful fields and some nice places to sit down.

    The area is huge and you might need a few hours to see everything.

    At first I was a bit surprised. We had to pay an entrance fee and then went through some souvenir shops and cafes. It didn’t look much at first. Then we started exploring and we found out that Dantewada is actually pretty great, especially during a very hot and sticky day.

    A woman in a field with sunglasses on.
    Dantewada Land of Angels Waterfall Park is a great place to spend an afternoon.

    I think this place is great for families with kids and those, that would like to get out of the city, see something different and spent a relaxing time in a park. It might be a good idea for a date as some places are very pretty and there are a lot of nooks, where you can be alone. If you’re looking for more of an adventure, then it’s best to go to the Sticky Waterfall or drive around Samoeng Loop.

    What can you see and do there?

    There are quite a few things to see and do at Dantewada Land of Angles Waterfall Park.

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    The park is huge and the main attraction is a big waterfall with some colourful fields at the bottom of it. This is probably the most picturesque spot in the park, but there are other pretty areas as well.

    A path leading through a bamboo forest near Chiang Mai.
    There are plenty of benches and tables to sit down.

    When you enter the park, you will go through a few caves with water falling down around it. You can walk inside and cool off a little here. This one is a great place to play hide and seek, or take interesting photos. The fake caves are really well done, they have small windows overlooking the cascades around it. Inside the water falls slightly, so you get a bit wet, but not too much.

    A cave with waterfall and a pond.
    The entrance is pretty impressive and it consists of a set of caves, where you can run around and hide, and take cool photos.

    Dantewada Waterfall Park includes a number of walkways among big trees. After you pass the initial caves, you are going into the park, where you can find a lot of pretty places. On top of that, the walkaways here are amazing to cool off. On the trunks of the trees and on the ground there are special sprinkles attached, which create mist. It not only looks nice, but it also creates a lower temperature, which is a nice change to the heat of Chiang Mai.

    A walkway at Dantewada Land of Angles with mist.
    It’s so nice to walk around these trees that provide shade and some cool mist.

    Visitors can use the benches, which are scattered around the pathways. They are a bit further from the sprinkles, so you won’t get wet, but instead, you will be able to rest and enjoy the shade.

    Our favourite part were the goats! There is a little enclosure, where you can go in. At the gate you have a station with food. You can grab some and feed the animals. Be careful though, especially the little ones are cheeky. They will want to eat your shoelaces and will check your pockets for anything to munch on.

    Chris fed the goats and we spent some time with the whole family of them. After they almost knocked us down in their search for food, we left, but it was a nice little moment. We really enjoyed the whole interaction and had lots of fun.

    A goat resting in the sun in Thailand.
    These goats almost ate my shoes, so be careful.

    After that we proceeded further to see the biggest waterfall in the park. It is truly impressive. You can see it from up close, or you can go to a special view point.

    The waterfall might be around 10 meters tall. You can’t climb it, but admire it from every corner of the area. Someone did a great job making it.

    A big waterfall in a park near Chiang Mai.
    These waterfalls are really lovely to look at. They look very natural.

    Nearby the waterfall there are a few colourful fields. Some of them have fake grass dyed in red, blue and green and other colours. I noticed that this is something that Thai people love and you can see it all over the north, especially around Mae Sa Valley. This is purely decorational and girls in Thailand love taking photos for Instagram in it.

    A colourful field in Dantewada Land of Angels Waterfall Park.
    This colourful grass is very popular in Thailand nowadays.

    Right next to the colourful field, you will find some real flowers and plants. These bloom in yellow and purple. We stood there for a bit, taking photos. I matched the background pretty well!

    A woman in flowers.
    This was a good spot to try out posing for photos.

    At Dantewada Land of Angels Waterfall Park we found a quiet building with glassed windows, which gave some nice shade. The windows looked out to the nearby garden and the big waterfall. We stopped there for photos, too. I am not sure if this was supposed to be a cafe, or someone was preparing the place to open up in the future. When we were there, the building was totally deserted and not many people looked it. We took the opportunity to post and play around with the camera.

    A woman sitting at a wooden window.
    The building was empty, so we took our time to take photos.

    At the ned we stopped at the little market and a cafe. When you leave, you will stumble upon some stalls with snacks. It’s Thailand after all and food is everywhere, including the Dantewada Park. We tried some of the traditional snacks, called khanom krok – small fried pancakes with some toppings. We ate them with condensed milk and chives. Yes, I know it sounds weird, but it’s surprisingly a very tasty combination. The whole thing was very delicious and very fulfilling!

    Thai desert on a frying pan.
    Kanom krok is a very good Thai dessert.

    Next door there was a cafe, where Chris stopped to get his cha nom yen – cold Thai tea. I had a capu yen – cold cappuccino. We sat in the cafe for a bit, talking with the ladies there.


    The park includes all the facilities you may need. There are toilets, small shops, cafes and stalls that sell coffee and snacks. All of them are located at the entrance. The park is big, but not that big, so if you need to use the toilet at any point, you can always go back.

    A coffee and shops in the Dentewada Land of Angles Waterfall Park.

    I recommend to go for khao soi to a small restaurant, which is just outside the park, next to the entrance gate and opposite the parking.

    A Thai soup with meat and bones.
    Chris had khao soi and I had khanom jin – a very spicy noodle soup, which was very good.

    How to get to Dantewada Land of Angels Waterfall Park?

    Joanna stands at a waterfall in a park in Chiang Mai.
    I know I don’t look happy here, but trust me, I was!

    The park is located around 40 minutes from Chiang Mai. We went there by a scooter. The drive is OK. The road is busy, so stick to the left.

    You can hire a private driver if you’re afraid to drive by yourself, or rent a songthaew, if you have more people with you.

    Another option is to have a local guide with you. You can find one on TakeMeTour. They offer already made tours, but you can message a guide and ask them to take you there and to some other places in the area.


    Entrance fee and other costs

    The entrance to the park costs 60 Baht for an adult, from 4 years old. Prices for food, snacks, and drinks inside the park are reasonable. The restaurants outside the park also charge normal rates.

    Opening times

    Joanna stands in the field of flowers in a waterfall park, near Chiang Mai.

    The park is open every day from 8 am to 6 pm.

    Visiting Dantewada Land of Angels Waterfall Park is a good idea, if you have some spare time and want to do a trip outside of town. It’s a nice spot to cool off and see something different. I think families with children will have the best of times here.

    If you’re going to Chiang Mai for the first time, check out my ebook. It’s the perfect guide for the first stay in the city.

    And if you have any questions, please leave a comment.